• Surgical Services

Surgical Services

As a Baptist Memorial surgery patient, you will receive excellent health care from a highly qualified team of professionals. We are committed to protecting your dignity during surgery and throughout your stay.

Our surgeons strive to achieve the best possible outcomes by following the best practices in surgery, often using advanced and newly researched techniques to heal, correct and sometimes even cure many conditions and diseases troubling our patients. We apply the same standard of excellence to every surgical procedure, whether it's a team of 30 performing for hours in an extreme medical emergency or a 15-minute biopsy.

Many Baptist Memorial hospitals also offer outpatient surgical facilities conveniently located on or near our hospitals' campuses to serve our patients' and physicians' surgical needs in nearby communities. These innovative, state-of-the-art facilities offer the latest surgical technology and anesthetic techniques, combined with warm, personalized care in an attractive, comfortable atmosphere designed to put patients at ease. Over the past decade, outpatient surgery-surgery that does not require a hospital stay-has emerged as a safe, convenient and cost-effective alternative to inpatient surgery. Your caregivers have both extensive outpatient surgery experience and expertise in the latest techniques.

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