• Baptist Memorial Restorative Care Hospital

Baptist Memorial Restorative Care Hospital

Designed for patients who require long-term acute care.

What is restorative care?

Restorative care is designed to help patients regain physical and cognitive function through low intensity therapy and personal care support. By maintaining these functions during the treatment of acute illness and chronic conditions patients are able to receive an integrated care approach to treat the whole patient and promote recovery.

Baptist Memorial Restorative Care Hospital, located within the walls of Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis, is a 30-bed, long-term, acute-care hospital. Organizationally and functionally separated from Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis, but affiliated with Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation, it is designed specifically for patients who require continued acute care over an extended length of time.

Most of our restorative care patients are admitted from intensive care and subacute intensive care units, and most stay at least four weeks. If they become unstable and require intensive care or cardiac monitoring, they are readmitted. The Baptist Memorial Restorative Care Hospital’s location allows physicians, specialists, and nurses to coordinate care better and relocate patients with ease should their health require intensive care services.

Before Baptist Memorial Restorative Care Hospital was opened, some patients with ongoing problems would cycle repeatedly between the critical care areas and the general care floor. They were no longer critically ill, but needed a more complex level of care than that available on the general care floor. This cycle inspired the creation of our restorative care hospital. At Baptist we innovate to meet our patients needs and offer the best patient care possible.

For more information about patient referrals, please call 901-226-0746 or 901-226-1455.

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