• Outpatient Diagnostics

Outpatient Diagnostics

Baptist Memorial hospitals have a reputation for offering advanced technology and high-quality care close to home. From advanced testing, such as open and closed magnetic resonance imaging, to your standard X-ray, Baptist Memorial hospitals offer a wide range of outpatient diagnostics. With skilled staff who have advanced training and years of experience, convenient parking and comfortable waiting areas, your local Baptist Memorial hospital is the ideal place to have diagnostic tests done quickly and accurately. For more information about the outpatient diagnostic testing available in your area, please call your local Baptist Memorial hospital.

Outpatient Radiology Services

Radiology departments at our Baptist facilities offer a full range of services including:

Other outpatient diagnostic services include laboratory services for blood tests, urine samples, and other screening exams that our physicians use to diagnose conditions and form a treatment plan. Diagnostic testing services are part of most visits at Baptist Memorial Health Care facilities since they help doctors better understand how you’re feeling and what is ailing you at the time of your visit.

For more information on the outpatient diagnostic services offered at your nearest Baptist facility please visit our locations page and find the most convenient location. Most of our locations offer similar diagnostic services so you can receive comprehensive care in one convenient location.

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