• Neuroscience Services

Neuroscience Services

Baptist is one of the leading hospitals in North America for the number of neurosurgical procedures performed.

The field of neuroscience is the study of the nervous system and it combines multiple specialties including chemistry, engineering, and linguistics. Neuroscience includes a cognitive and behavioral aspect in addition the physical component.

The Neuroscience departments at Baptist are nationally and internationally recognized for providing high quality and comprehensive neuroscience services to patients, families and the community. Central nervous system disorders including head and spinal cord injuries, epilepsy, strokes, tumors, aneurysms and multiple sclerosis are diagnosed and treated by multispecialty teams.

Among this service line's accomplishments are the Mid-South's first surgically implanted generator in April 1998 to control seizure activity for epileptic patients, and ongoing studies analyzing the use of the drug tPA to minimize the impact of strokes. In 1977, Baptist was one of the first 10 hospitals in the country to create a center for the study, diagnosis and treatment of such sleep disorders as seizures, sleep apnea and cardiac arrhythmias. In 1998, Baptist and UT-Memphis launched a campaign to create a more comprehensive network of stroke treatment across the Mid-South. Baptist frequently uses Baptist-affiliated neurologists and neurosurgeons in multi-specialty programs attended by the most respected specialists from around the country and the world.

From mapping the human brain to restoring the use of a hand function, the neuroscience services at Baptist prove daily that human suffering can be relieved... with ample doses of compassion, innovation and experience.

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