Fitness & Wellness

Just because you're not sick doesn't mean you're healthy. It's everyone's responsibility to take charge of his or her personal health, and for most of us that means more exercise, better nutrition and less stress. Fortunately, most Baptist facilities include a variety of wellness and fitness options.

Better health begins with education. A number of our hospitals offer classes on a wide range of health issues, from dealing with chronic diseases to understanding good nutrition to finding coping strategies for stressful times. Taught by Baptist employees and guest experts, these programs are typically free and open to the public. We also offer support groups for adults and children and occasional seminars offering a more in-depth look at selected health and wellness topics.

Several of our facilities also have on-site fitness centers that offer memberships to the general public. In addition to weights and cardiovascular equipment, these centers often host exercise classes in areas as diverse as aerobics, Tai Chi, Pilates, yoga and aquatics.

Baptist Fitness & Wellness Resources and Locations:

  • Health Quest

    Health Quest is the first hospital-owned wellness center in the Union City area. This facility offers classes and membership.

  • Community Classes & Education

    Ongoing education classes at Baptist Rehabilitation-Germantown are free and open to the public.

  • Baptist Community Classes & Support Groups

    Baptist offers classes and support groups at all our facilities that inform, educate, or help with life's most significant changes.

  • Exercising for a Better Life

    In the past, exercise was considered something you did if you had time. Times have changed, and more and more research points toward an undeniable link between staying in shape and a better quality of life.

  • The RENEW Program

    Baptist Women's Hospital (Memphis, TN) offers RENEW Healthy Lifestyle Solutions, a 12-week program that helps adult patients deal obesity.

  • Diabetic Education Program

    Baptist Memorial Hospital-Huntingdon (Tennessee) offers a diabetic education program to help newly diagnosed diabetes patients manage the disease through blood glucose control, lifestyle changes and more.

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