Behavioral Health & Counseling Services

Help for Every Generation

Restoring dignity. Recovering self-esteem. Returning to a meaningful life. This is the foundation of our care. Through comprehensive counseling, education and treatment involving family and loved ones, Baptist offers an escape from the prison of depression and substance abuse, and offers a healing refuge from the devastating effects of other emotional problems. Through a broad spectrum of treatment options, we strive to provide a supportive atmosphere which is calm and structured, with utmost respect for both patient and family.

We understand the decision to seek help is sometimes difficult. Baptist is dedicated to assisting with this critical first step by offering a free, confidential assessment to best determine the appropriate level of care.

All staff members are professionally trained to provide the highest quality medical care and counseling; certified teachers are available to assist with educational instruction for adolescent patients. At each of our Baptist Behavioral Health facilities, we strive to create a warm, homelike environment for healing.

Our inpatient treatment programs have helped thousands of patients return to healthy, happy lives. In fact, we have so much confidence in the success of our inpatient treatments, each patient who successfully completes one of our programs is entitled to a year of free aftercare.

For more information about services available in your area, please call:
Mississippi 1-800-362-7902

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