Baptist Careers FAQs

Frequently Asked Career Questions For Baptist MemorialThank you for your interest in a career at Baptist.

As you consider employment with Baptist Memorial Health Care, we invite you to review our informative list of job applicants' frequently asked questions (FAQs) to learn about the application process, our procedures, and more.

How can I begin a career in health care?

  • Non-clinical positions such as clerical, support, and professional possess the same prerequisites as other jobs in this field.
  • Health care positions, such as nurses, radiologists, therapists, lab technicians, or technologists, respiratory therapists or pharmacy professionals, require additional training.
  • Pursuing a health care education or for more information you can contact the Baptist College of Health Sciences 1-866-575-BCHS (2247) or visit
  • The State of Tennessee also has a useful Web site,
  • Baptist also serves in Arkansas and Mississippi

Does Baptist train people for certain positions?

It depends on the minimum requirements for the position. In general, Baptist does not offer training programs and requires that applicants are appropriately certified to qualify for consideration. For more information about the background or training required for current Baptist positions, please view the job postings in the employment service or human resources office and on our Careers page.

When is the employment office open?

It varies by entity. However, the employment services office in Memphis, Tenn., is open to applicants from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, except on observed holidays. If you’re not applying in Memphis, please contact the local Baptist Memorial hospital in your area for the facility’s human resources hours. All of Baptist’s career opportunities are on-line.

Where is the employment office located?

Baptist employment services is located at 871 Ridgeway Loop Rd Suite 100 Memphis, TN 38120. For a map and other contact information, click here.

How do I find out the status of my application?

Your status is updated in iCIMS.

Applications are reviewed by a recruiter who forwards applications of qualified candidates to the hiring manager(s) for consideration. The manager reviews all qualified applications and schedules interviews at his or her discretion. Employment services or human resources cannot put you in touch with hiring managers.

Am I eligible for rehire?

Former Baptist employees should have been informed at the time of their separation from Baptist whether or not they would be eligible for rehire in the future. If you are a former employee interested in returning to Baptist and are unsure of your status, we encourage you to place an application on file with us. Should you be considered for hire, your status will be evaluated at that time along with many other hiring factors, including education, experience and licensure.

I am a former employee and wonder if I can bridge back into the system?

Baptist will bridge the hire date of returning employees if:
  • The employee was full-time at Baptist for at least one year.
  • The employee is returning to Baptist full time, but has been out of the system for less than six months.
  • The employee was full-time at the time of termination.

What happens to my application if I do not receive an offer for this particular position?

Even if the position for which you have applied is filled, you’re still considered for similar positions.

What's your starting pay for "x" position?

Pay ranges vary by position and experience. If you are called for an interview, the manager or interviewer may discuss pay with you following the interview.

Does Baptist offer sign-on bonuses?

No. Baptist provides excellent benefits and competitive pay to all employees. We strive for excellent patient care and the only way to offer that is to have employees who are well cared for and content with their employment.

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